White House Devastated, After GOP Lawmakers Continue To Offer Mueller Legal Protection

Representative Charlie Dent came forth this Monday that to claim President Trump “would set off a political crisis” should he choose to remove special counsel Robert Mueller.

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“It would be a self-destructive act to do that and it would set off a political crisis if he were to fire Mueller,” Dent explained while appearing on CNN’s “New Day.”

Dent’s remarks follow after several Republican lawmakers have shown an increase willingness to push forward a legislation that would protect Mueller, though some GOP members still believe a bill is unnecessary.

Dent, who is stepping down come the end of his current term said Trump was “a factor” in his decision to do so.”

“I do believe that we need to protect the special prosecutor. It would be a terrible mistake for the president to fire him,” Dent told CNN.

“It would be bad for the president. It would be bad for Republicans in Congress in the midterms. And most of all, it would be bad for the American people.”

The White House announced last week that Trump believes it is well within in his power to remove Mueller, who is currently spearheading the probe into Russian election interference and any potential connections between Trump campaign staff members and the Kremlin.

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