Trump Offered Stormy Daniels a Spot on ‘The Apprentice,’ and Twice He Tried to Buy Her a Condo

Donald Trump offered Stormy Daniels a spot on The Apprentice during their year-long adulterous affair, according to a close friend of Daniels named Keith Munyan.

Munyan, who is listed as knowing about the allegations in the $130,000 hush agreement she signed before the 2016 presidential election, told the Daily Beast that he listened to phone calls between the pair at the time.

During one of those calls, in which Daniels had Trump on speakerphone, Munyan said Trump offered her a place on his reality television show The Apprentice.

Munyan, a Hollywood photographer, said,

He would call all the time. That man can talk about nothing for hours.

He also claimed Trump once gave the pornographic actress the keys to a New York condo he bought for her, which she declined. After Daniels declined the keys to the condo, “Trump proposed she move into his unfinished Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida,” Munyan said.

Munyan also said that, at the time of the alleged affair, Daniels was impressed by Trump, saying she thought “he was actually a very brilliant man.”

Munyan, a longtime friend of Daniels, remembers eavesdropping on a half-dozen phone calls between her and the future president. He befriended Daniels during a shoot in late 2005. The following summer, Daniels would meet and allegedly have “textbook generic” sex with Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

Around this time, according to the Daily Beast, Munyan was in the process of moving, and Daniels rented out his house. He continued using his studio on the property and spent time with Daniels, who put her calls with the real estate celebrity on speakerphone.

“She would go, ‘Oh, look who’s calling me now,’ and would put him on the phone,” Munyan said, then he and Daniels would sit and laugh. According to Munyan,

He was talking about giving her a condo in New York. She said, “I don’t want to move to New York.” That’s when she wanted to move to Florida. I’m like, “Really?” I put my hand up. “I’ll take it!”

Trump and Daniels dined alone together throughout 2006, and he invited the porn star to see the Miss USA pageant in Hollywood, Munyan said. Munyan was home when Trump sent a limousine to pick Daniels up for the event.

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