North Carolina Trump Supporters Just Admitted They Voted For The Wrong Guy (DETAILS)

Only the most stubborn Trump supporters refuse to admit that they voted for the wrong guy.  In the Trump era, one-percenters have quietly made out like bandits, and for this reason, Trump continually touts his effect on the stock market, which does little for middle and low-income Americans who are making ends meet paycheck to paycheck.

The Washington Post took a trip down to North Carolina to interview Trump voters and found some nasty cases of buyer’s remorse.

56-year-old Trump voter Annie Anthony lamented, “While I thought his ideas appealed to me, since he’s been in there he’s embarrassed me by his behavior.”

Anthony continued, “I think that his language is unprofessional. He uses words like ‘sad’ and ‘bad.’ That’s first grade language. We’re an intelligent population who elected you. Represent us!”

62-year-old Trump voter Melissa Hight admitted, “I had high hopes, but he just goes about things in a way that gets everybody’s back up against the wall.”

She added, “He doesn’t facilitate working together. He comes out with these grandiose ideas, and there’s no follow through. It’s a lot of talk.

Michael Leimone criticized Trump’s responses to Charlottesville and the hurricanes that rocked America: “He’s not been there when you needed him to be there. After Charlottesville and (the hurricanes), he was out doing other stuff,” said Leimone.

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