Don Jr. Just Gave an In-Depth Interview to a Chocolate Easter Bunny

Donald Trump Jr. is campaigning for Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania, and he turned up to make his pitch at a candy factory.

In a photo posted by Andrew Rush, a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Don. Jr. is photographed speaking into a microphone held by a reporter, who is blocked from the camera by what appears to be a giant chocolate bunny. It’s probably just a trick of perspective, but the the aforementioned bunny actually appears to be holding the microphone. Which leads us to assume that Don Jr. has finally met his intellectual equal.

Rush captioned his photo, “This is the danger of campaigning at a candy factory.”

Both Trump and Saccone reportedly talked to factory workers, wore hairnets, took selfies with the people inside the factory, and tried out the candy. According to ThinkProgress, Sarris Candies is owned by avid Trump fans who invited Don Jr. and Saccone in for a tour and a chance to campaign.

Twitter fell out when they saw the image. Here are some of the best responses!

Even Don Jr. commented on the photo:

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