Bush’s Former Ethics Chief Just Blindsided Trump with a Shocking Demand He Can’t Afford to Ignore

Since day one of Trump’s presidency, an unprecedented number of Americans have thought impeachment.  News of his inevitable impeachment painted headline after headline in the opening months of his administration.  At this point in Trump’s tenure, it appears that he can get away with whatever he wants.  As long as Republicans are in charge of Congress, Trump will continue to bend and break every rule in the book.

Former President Bush’s ethics chief, Richard Painter, has been a sharp critic of Trump’s, and he believes impeachment is the proper course of action.

During an appearance on CBS News when asked if Trump has outdone former President Nixon in the scandal department, Painter replied:

“We’re well beyond that point and yet the House and the Senate won’t do anything at all.”

He went on to say that there is “very strong evidence” indicating Trump has violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which forbids acting presidents from accepting gifts from foreign governments.  Trump’s D.C. hotel comes to mind when people hear the words “Emoluments Clause.”

Painter later added, “Going after President Trump’s abuse of power and violations of the Constitution needs to be the number one priority.”

“I think this president is a great risk to our democracy and he has shown that since he was elected,” stated Painter.

Watch the clip with Painter below:

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