BREAKING: Trump Seeking Advice On Stormy Daniels Problem

A close source to the President told CNN that Trump is seeking advice from his advisers on how to deal with the Stormy Daniels situation.

He’s been advised not to fight back on Daniels’ request to void the nondisclosure agreement, because if he does, people will know he’s guilty. The source also revealed that this is the reason that Trump hasn’t personally commented on it, or used his Twitter account to attack Daniels.

The source also said that the Stormy Daniels allegations pose a bigger threat to Trump’s presidency than Russia, and that says A LOT!

So how is this any different from dozens of other women accusing him?

This case is special, in that Trump had his lawyer draw up a nondisclosure agreement for her to sign, along with a payment of $130,000 in order to keep her quiet on the affair.

Unfortunately for Trump, because he never signed the agreement, Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti says that the agreement is invalid and she is free to tell her story.
On Monday, Daniels offered to give the $130,000 back via wire transfer to an account of Trump’s choosing, and in exchange she would like to speak freely about her experience and relations with Donald Trump.
Daniels appeared on CBS’ “60 Minutes” which is set to air next Sunday, despite the fact that Trump’s lawyers are fighting to keep it from airing.” Another request that Daniels had in her lawsuit was for Trump’s lawyers to let the interview air. According to three sources, Daniels revealed new information about her relationship with Trump in the interview.
It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and if Trump will actually take his advisers’ recommendations.
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